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What to wear for your Photo Session?  If you google this question, you will see that everything under the sun has been written about what to wear or NOT to wear for your photo session.  And, there are some very informative blogs and articles out there (I have listed a few below), by many talented photographers, so take a moment, search and read a few.  However, here are my highlighted suggestions for your attire. 

*  Proper attire should allow your face to dominate your portrait.  Jewelry, clothing, shoes, hats, etc.  definitely add style and character to your portrait, but these should be secondary elements. 

*  Simple clothing always photographs well.

*  Clothing with large logos, stripes, or lots of pattern can be very distracting and often do not photograph well.   

*  Long sleeves can be more appealing than short sleeves on teens and adults.  For groups, I recommend that everyone be in the same length sleeve, regardless if it is long or short. 

*  For families/groups, you do NOT have to match, but clothing in similar tonal ranges and/or complimentary colors can give a portrait a more cohesive look.


What will I (your photographer) wear for your session?  For most family portrait sessions I will be very casual, wearing jeans and a T-shirt, and usually shoes that I can take off and on quickly and easily.  I am often laying or crawling on the ground, climbing on a step-stool , wading in the wate, , wad



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